Discover the Entrepreneur Within

A step-by-step guide to getting it done! Discover your inner entrepreneur. Live life on your own terms.

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Book Synopsis

The entrepreneurial revolution is in full swing and many of your friends have started new businesses successfully. You wonder if you have what it takes. Yes, entrepreneurship requires passion, discipline, hard work, creativity, and resilience, but it is ultimately a process. 

Discover The Entrepreneur Within, based on Verinder Syal’s award-winning classes at Northwestern University, will demystify this process. He has created a step-by-step guide that gives you the tools to launch your business. 

You will learn how to:

  • • Find new ideas
  • • Select the most promising idea
  • • Assemble and lead a team
  • • Focus on the right customers
  • • Market and sell
  • • Develop a business model
  • • Calculate the start-up capital
  • • Raise funds
  • • Develop your 10-slide pitch
  • • Make winning presentations
  • • Examine your values and principles
  • • Determine the life you want to live


Are you ready for a personal revolution, to achieve freedom, to do what you love, and to do so on your own terms? Do you want to help others while living a life of meaning and significance?

Let’s get started now!

What Our Readers Are Saying

The definitive book on business launch, in reality three books in one: the essence of entrepreneurship; the mechanics of a business; and, most importantly, how an entrepreneur can live a great life.


Robert J. Jordan

CEO, Association of Interim Executives

If every ambitious millennial implements these concepts, the difference that they make will change the world.


Laura McKee

CEO, Autism Home Support Services

Verinder recently led our teaching team for a program where we hosted twenty-five entrepreneurs from twenty-three different African countries…they left after six weeks truly transformed.


Mike Marasco

Director, Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Northwestern University

(He) completely changed my views on what it takes to start a company and what it means to be a leader, and consequently through those insights, changed the course of my life.


Joyce Chen

Former Student and Analytics, Context Media

Verinder’s classes have long been among the most highly rated by students, and his new book clearly shows why. Its writing is fast paced and full of good humor...However, what really makes this book special within the field is the second half where Verinder works students through issues of leadership and ethics that go to the core of creating ventures...I can see why students tell me that it’s so life changing.


Mark Witte

Professor and Director, Undergraduate Studies in Economics, Northwestern University

Professor Syal has accomplished the very difficult task of (capturing) the essential ingredient for entrepreneurial success, and that is one’s personal responsibility that arises from “within” for your aspirations, not only in business but in life....A wonderful narrative ... to the collective spirit of human achievement that begins with accepting the responsibility to lead oneself in an ethically, moral and sustainable way.


Dan Brown

Founder, Logger Head Tools, Professor of Design, Northwestern University

Must read for budding entrepreneurs and start ups! His deep understanding of businesses and entrepreneurship comes through in this book as he is able to address each and every question that crosses an entrepreneurs mind especially when at start up phase....You leave his class a better person with a clear vision for your business and life.


Muthoni Nduhiu

CEO, Mastermind Africa Alliance, Kenya

Verinder Syal cuts to the chase and gives the reader the best of his entrepreneurship class; a good overview of how to tackle the most important challenges for any new business from building the right team to customer marketing and ultimately teaches the reader how to use entrepreneurship to self-actualize and live a more fulfilling life.


Isaac Hasson

Google, Silicon Valley, Former Student

Verinder artfully shows that anyone who has a vision can develop the skills to become an entrepreneur. Reading his book helped me reconnect to my interest in entrepreneurship and has given me inspiration to pursue my ambitions. It was easy-to- follow, thought-provoking, and full of valuable and practical information. I’m very happy I read it - very worthy use of my time!


Stephanie Kang

Northwestern University Graduate

Syal makes you believe you can do anything and breaks down entrepreneurship to its core basics. His book guides you through an external journey of pursuing entrepreneurship and an internal journey on how to lead a meaningful life. Even if you've never met him, you trust his words because he challenges you to examine what's important in pursuing what you want and empowers you to take action.


Angela Lee

United Airlines, Chicago, Former Student

With the same thoughtful eloquence and compassion that Verinder embodies in the classroom, (this book) challenges a generation of Millennials … to rise and serve… his book does not attempt to answer all of life’s plaguing questions, nor does it promise to make entrepreneurs of us all. Rather it is an encouraging, motivating push…to make the most of your life journey.…It is truly exciting that this text… of Verinder’s renowned seminars at Northwestern University, are now available to a wider audience.


Kathryn Choi

Context Media, Chicago, Former Student

A practical approach through each phase of the entrepreneurial journey, igniting the entrepreneurial possibility within the most skeptical and fearful reader....Professor Syal is an extraordinarily passionate teacher....He asks the right questions, unlocking the potential of his students.


Charnelle Fortuin

Namdeb Diamond Corporation, Namibia

Discover The Entrepreneur Within is an insightful guide for both entrepreneurs starting their journey and for those who need to bring their focus back to their business. It is amazingly inspirational and practical - two things that entrepreneurs need in bucket loads.


Sara Hallatt

Director, Fordsburg Artists’ Studios, South Africa a must read book for potential and existing business owners... The book offers inspiration and information on idea generation, marketing, management, finance, business plan, technology, latest trends and strategies....!His passion and listening skills are relayed into succinct coaching thoughts that are both plausible and action oriented.


Felix Dela Klutse

Editor-In-Chief of Business Day Newspaper, Ghana

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Meet the Author

Verinder Syal

Verinder K. Syal, born in India, came to the United States in 1971 at the age of twenty-two. During his successful business career, he has run both large businesses—such as Quaker Oats Breakfast Foods, Rice-A-Roni, Ghirardelli Chocolate, and Stella Cheese—and smaller ones, including two he started himself. 

For the past decade, Syal has been a consultant and a highly regarded—and award-winning—professor, first at Loyola Business School, and more recently at Northwestern University where he teaches two undergraduate courses: “Principles of Entrepreneurship” and “Leadership, Ethics, and You.” He has a knack for simplifying the most complicated things and helping his students and clients discover their inner passion and abilities, develop a vision, focus, execute, and succeed.

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